“This country will prevail.” 


—  Viktor Markov, President


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked each of you in this room for a purpose. It is with grave urgency, and top secrecy that I request your time, your assistance, and your loyalty. I ask that you save our nation, and in turn save my life…”


                               – The President

On the brink of civil war, The President has been given seven letters from an assassin, each marked with a day. It has been made clear that if the President does not meet each of the assassin’s demands, there will be dire consequences resulting in the death of The President.

Seven letters. Seven threats. Seven days to die.

You play your part by using your characters strengths to save the President within seven days. It is up to you and your associates to find out who is making the threats and what their motive is. If you do not act now, the safety of The President and the nation will be at your undoing.  

However, if you have been dealt a ‘Kill the President!’ Allegiance Card, you are the assassin! Your main goal is to ensure the president fails his letter demands and is inevitably killed. It is up to you to ensure your mission is a success without the knowledge of your peers. 

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